About Us

New 1208 AMcGinty Integrative Medical Center is led by Dr. Dana McGinty, a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician who has a very broad view of health care which includes “everything that works”.As well as being aware of holistic therapies, Dr. McGinty is a master of medical diagnosis and takes full advantage of the technical advances in traditional medicine and research.

Complimentary and alternative techniques such as acupuncture, massage and herbal treatments are also fully embraced and encouraged here. In his desire to treat the entire individual, Dr. McGinty was inspired to assemble a team of health care providers who are here to treat illness, but more importantly to help you stay well with education and training on diet and fitness (both internal and external) and appropriate medical screenings and assessments.

All of our Integrative Health Team members are available to meet with you by appointment in our comfortable consultation areas and spa room.

Dana McGinty, MD, Licensed Physician Acupuncturist

Louis Williams, Licensed Massage Therapist

Leo Hendricks, PhD, MSW

Rosetta Hendricks, PhD, RN, Certified Diabetic Educator

Aaron Motley, CHHC, Internal Fitness Master, author of “You’re Not Overweight,
You’re Overwaste”