Diabetes Management

Leo Hendricks.jpegThe LHCA (“Linking Health And Compassion Altogether”) diabetes management team offers a comprehensive approach to diabetes management and treatment that leads to positive patient outcome. Dr Leo Hendricks, PhD and his partner and wife Rosetta Hendricks, PhD, established this service and are available to instruct you on a variety of techniques designed to improve your control of your blood sugars.

Our program helps educate patients and equip them with the tools necessary for successfully managing their diabetes.

We will provide you with a sense of well being and help manage your diabetes through diet, medication and exercise.   It will also decrease acute and long-term diabetes complications that include: end stage renal disease, strokes, heart attacks, circulation problems and nerve disease.

Patients who are seeing Dr. McGinty their Primary Care physician are welcome to see Dr. Hendricks Diabetes Team, as well as those who have an established Primary Care but want some specialist consultation for their diabetes.

Your insurance will cover your visits to the Diabetic Education Team.