Medical Marijuana Program

As you probably know, Washington DC has passed a law designating a Medical Marijuana Program, which allows patients who qualify to get a recommendation from a participating physician to get a Medical Marijuana Card, which allows a patient to purchase cannabis products from approved dispensaries.

Do I qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card?
The most common reasons patients are being recommended include anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasm, joint pain, neuropathy, and gastrointestinal problems. Many patients with HIV, glaucoma and cancer are benefiting greatly as well. The examining doctor may recommend any patient he feels might benefit, regardless of diagnosis. You must be a DC resident to participate.

How do I get a Medical Marijuana Card?
There are two major steps to obtaining a card.
1. Recommendation – Schedule an appointment so that the doctor can recommend you for the program. The recommendation is required to make an application.
2. Application – Can be completed online, or in person at one of the three dispensaries. For the application, you will need a photo ID, two separate proof of residency documents (utility bill, lease, bank statement, etc..), and a recommendation.

Please call to schedule an appointment to get a recommendation if you think this program might be for you. Please let our staff know you are interested in this program when you call to help us serve you best.

There are three dispensaries in the District with whom you may affiliate with. The links to these dispensaries are below.

Takoma Wellness Center

Metropolitan Wellness Center

Capital City Care